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This is a story set in the far-off future. In the wake of the catastrophe known as the Great Disaster, humans could no longer remain on Earth, and fled into space to avoid extinction. A new age had begun in unexplored skies, and a new space calendar (S.D.) was instituted. Time passed, and the year is now 1484 S.D. Colonies orbit Earth's moon and Mars. Human beings have found a way to sustain themselves in outer space. The footsteps of space pioneers echoed as far as Saturn. Technology advanced and people molded their environments to make them inhabitable. The advent of rounders revolutionized life in space, allowing people to paint the very skies themselves. Senko no Ronde is a tale of rounders and their pilots.

1484 S.D. A terrorist attack and weapon theft occur in the Arria Federation.
Following the Secret Weapon Heist, it becomes clear that the Arria Federation was in possession of a weapon that violated international law, and they immediately receive spacewide condemnation. Gradually the balance of power within the Federation collapses until rumors whisper of a secessional crisis.
Luchino Narukami emerges from the midst of this turmoil. He is a member of the influential Narukami family and garners sympathy as a victim of the previous incident. He is young, charismatic, and a beacon of change. He promises a new age for Arria and wins remarkable favor on the international stage.
But then another incident occurs... Armed conflict arises in the Arria Federation's Martian colony, Harmonia. Word spreads that the violence is being orchestrated by none other than Luchino Narukami.
1486 S.D. Our story begins...


Old World

This refers to the A.D. era preceeding the current S.D. system of counting years. Although civilization was quite advanced on Earth, it collapsed in the Great Disaster.

The precise cause of the disaster is unknown, as the information is guarded closely by the Allied Nations. However, the story that has been handed down over the years is that the ecosystem was destroyed by a highly infectious disease that grew to epidemic proportions.


These are man-made human beings. International law expressly forbids unsanctioned research into certain fields of biotechnology, such as gene manipulation. The reason for this is to restrict the development of these artificial humans (androids). Despite this, some androids have been created using forbidden Old World technology.

More recently developed androids are indistinguishable from normal humans and are traded on the Silk Road of the modern day underworld. These androids are commonly referred to as shams.

Space Calendar

After the Great Disaster of the Old World, the survivors who fled Earth established a new calendar, using the designation "S.D." The Council of Life was founded in the wake of the Great Disaster as the highest-ranking governing body of the new world, and its establishment marked the first year of the new calendar.

Travel to Earth has become strictly controlled, and the fresh civilization that has grown up during the years of the S.D. calendar exists in colonies orbiting the Earth, the Earth's moon, and Mars. Today, development stretches out as far as the orbit of Saturn. Technological development since leaving Earth has been focused on the ability to survive in outer space, which has resulted in the loss of many Old World technologies and knowledge.

Senko no Ronde 2 takes place in 1486 S.D.

Council of Life

This is the highest-ranking governing body established in the wake of the Great Disaster. It was responsible for bringing those who escaped Earth together, working towards the primary goals of the survival of the human race and someday returning to Earth. Many years after its founding, in the latter half of the third century S.D., a plan to return to Earth was nearly successful, but the unity within the Council began to deteriorate. Several new national regimes sprung up in opposition.

With the founding of the Allied Nations in 522 S.D., the Council of Life had run its course.

Allied Nations

Founded in 522 S.D., this became the de facto highest-ranking organization in modern civilization, replacing the Council of Life. It was established so that law and order might be upheld across all nations under international law, and it was set up to take action to resolve international disputes. Now in 1486 S.D., its effective power has begun to erode in the face of corporations supplanting the various nations.

Earth Homecoming

Though people could no longer remain on Earth following the Great Disaster, the possibility of returning to Earth began to be explored in 120 S.D. It was not until 282 S.D. that a research team was finally successful in landing on the planet. However, around 320 S.D. conflicts over personal interests began to arise concerning people's legacies and what had been left behind. Tensions escalated into an all-out war over the territories of Earth (the Oak-Grucia Earth Colonies War, 471 S.D.).

The outcome was that the Council of Life ceased to be the highest-ranking power of the land, and the Allied Nations was formed. The Earth was declared a neutral planet under the supervision of the Allied Nations, rather than any one nation.

Mars System

A giant cluster of colonies forming an orbital ring around Mars in addition to the residential domes on the Martian surface. Collectively, these are known as the Mars System.

In the 500s S.D. there was a project to terraform the planet, appropriating existing facilities which had been on Mars since the days of the old world. However, opinion overwhelmingly holds Mars as merely a place with abundant resources to be extracted and not somewhere to permanently live, and so the project was suspended. Living environments are now only constructed on Mars to accompany mining facilities.

Arria Federation

A federal state founded in 624 S.D. It is massive, holding sway from the Earth to Saturn. Although nominally governed as a constitutional monarchy, it has actually been ruled since long ago by influential people close to the royal family.

Due to the Secret Weapon Heist two years prior (1484 S.D.), it was discovered that the Federation was in possession of a Mega Photon Cannon, prohibited under international law. This caused the Federation to be widely denounced by the international community, which in turn kicked off the spread of power to other non-mainstream groups within the Federation. Rivalry between these factions has been intensifying.

Embassy Occupation Incident

This is the name of an incident that occurred in 1478 S.D.

A militant group occupied the embassy of the Arria Federation in the lunar city of Giovanni. When Federation forces moved in to retake the building, the terrorists triggered an explosion resulting in not only their own deaths, but also those of most of the hostages and special forces.

Because a central person of influence was among those killed, this event had a major impact on the future of Arria. Ansel Modred, the captain of the Federation Special Forces in charge of the mission, disappeared after the incident. Karel Werfel (operating under the codename "Brave" at the time) and Sakurako Sanjo, also members of this squad, left the infiltration team.

Secret Weapon Heist

This is the general name applied to a series of terrorist incidents that occurred within the Arria Federation in 1484 S.D.
They form the main story of the first Senko no Ronde.

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Harmonia is a self-governing region within the Arria Federation. It consists of a small colony in the Mars System as well as some Martian land.

As an important location during the development of Mars, Harmonia was granted autonomy long ago and has contributed greatly to the economic successes of the Arria Federation. In recent years, there have been conflicts of opinion within Harmonia over its efforts to become independent of the Arria Federation. The result has been an outbreak of civil war involving neighboring regions under direct control of the federation.

In these troubled times, the pro-independence movement has organized a self-defense militia known as the Harmonia Volunteer Force (abbreviated H.V.F.).


This is the abbreviated title of the Goddiver Security Organization, the private security force of the Goddiver group. The Arria Federation entrusts the security forces of private companies with maintaining peace and order throughout its territories. G.S.O. is one such organization.

Sakurako, Changpo, and Cuilan are members of Security Unit 4 located in the lunar city of Giovanni working to resolve trouble that arises using rounders. In Senko no Ronde 2, they have been sent to G.S.O.'s Mars Section in the Mars System.


This is an abbreviation for the Special Space Service affiliated with the Arria Federation Army. Every member is an ace rounder pilot in their own right and they are renowned for winning piloting competitions.

At the Federation Military Academy, students who excel in rounder piloting are put on a career track to join the S.S.S., and the caliber of the elite military training they receive has also become highly regarded. For this reason, S.S.S. pilots are not found on the front lines but rather engage in special operations and behind-the-lines support, such as reconnaissance and infiltration.


Rounder is the common name for Pilotable Shell Units used to move about and engage in various activities in the low-gravity environment of outer space.

Used for working outside of spaceships, the reinforced shells have evolved and improved according to their function, giving them their present day appearance. In recent years they have become much like automobiles in the way they appeal to the various tastes and preferences of their customers. Those with advanced-level licenses, as well as their crafts, are called Hi-Rounders, and they are envied for the proof of their elite status. There is also a support system that temporarily supercharges battle rounders with increased firepower and weaponry, generally referred to as B.O.S.S. (Booster of Over-armed Shell System).