Senko no Ronde 2 #senkoro2

The bullet ballet of the skies

Senko no Ronde Reboot

PlayStation®4 | Steam®

Shooting Action


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This is a story set in the far-off future. In the wake of the catastrophe known as the Great Disaster, humans could no longer remain on Earth, and fled into space to avoid extinction. A new age had begun in unexplored skies, and a new space calendar (S.D.) was instituted. Time passed, and the year is now 1484 S.D. Colonies orbit Earth's moon and Mars. Human beings have found a way to sustain themselves in outer space. The footsteps of space pioneers echoed as far as Saturn. Technology advanced and people molded their environments to make them inhabitable. The advent of rounders revolutionized life in space, allowing people to paint the very skies themselves. Senko no Ronde is a tale of rounders and their pilots.




Opening Movie


Senko no Ronde 2

Shooting Action

PlayStation®4 / STEAM®

September 7th 2017


Degica, Kadokawa Games

Planning & Production
Chara-ani Corporation
G.rev LTD.


About the Senko no Ronde series:
Senko no Ronde is developer G.Rev’s unique mix of bullet hell shooting and fighting game genres whose eclectic mix of characters, involved scenario, and entrancing bullet ballet drew a lot of attention.
Senko no Ronde / Senko no Ronde SP (Arcade)
Released in Japanese arcades in April 2005, the inaugural entry into the series featured 8 characters piloting their robots in 1 on 1 battles. SP was an upgrade released in August 2006.
Senko no Ronde Rev.X (Xbox 360)
Released in July 2006 in Japan and internationally as WarTech, this was a port of the previous arcade game with a major graphical overhaul and additional story elements.
Senko no Ronde DUO (Arcade, Xbox 360)
Released as a Japan-only sequel in 2009 (arcade) and 2010 (Xbox 360). Maintaining the previous game’s unique mix of shooting and fighting, it added new characters, new mechanics alongside across the board improvements to the game.