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This will be your last dance.
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Lili F. Levinas
Kazusa Aranami

A soldier of the Arria Federation Army's special forces, the S.S.S., her primary duty is that of an operator. Her father handed her over to the army's R&D division for his own ambitious motives. She underwent surgery that turned her into an enhanced human before being assigned to the S.S.S. Her augmented ability powered her "multi-eye", granting the ability to recognize and process information from multiple visuals inputs simultaneously. This ability was fully utilized when she piloted the Brinsta, directly linking the multi-eye to the rounder, but as a side effect she developed a split personality. By nature she is a well brought up, quiet, prim girl, but her other persona has a strong sadistic streak, with tendencies towards rash acts of destruction.


An S.S.S. exclusive prototype, developed by Motivalier. More accurately, a rounder developed specifically for S.S.S.'s enhanced human, Lili Levinas. Brinsta was designed so its full potential can only be unlocked by a pilot with a multi-eye, allowing said pilot to process multiple visual and aural inputs simultaneously. Due to Lili losing her enhanced abilities during the Secret Weapon Heist, the experiment has been mostly abandoned. The whereabouts of the prototype Brinsta itself are unknown.