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I will protect you...
even if it costs me my life.

Karel Werfel
Tomoaki Maeno

Once an enlisted officer of the Arria Federation Army's special forces (forerunner to the S.S.S.). A collaborator in the Secret Weapon Heist two years ago. A straight-edged man with a strong sense of loyalty who, for better or worse, is very old-fashioned. Along with Ansel, he discovered the truth about the Embassy Occupation Incident eight years ago, and joined the effort to steal the secret weapon.

In order to carry out that plan, Luchino Narukami, the biological key for the weapon, needed to be kidnapped so Karel infiltrated the Narukami household by masquerading as Luchino's mentor. However, over a long period of time he grew to admire Luchino and their false relationship became real. He decided to betray his former comrade and leader, Ansel, and escaped with Luchino in tow.


This rounder comes from Tsunami's Azureus series, which is no longer in development.

It is a battle-type rounder that had an active role in the military in the past, but as Tsunami ceased development of new rounders, many were retired from active duty. The discarded machines ended up in secondhand markets, and have become popular as battle rounders that can be acquired at an affordable price. Given their mobility and cruising ability falls well below that of current commercial rounders, it could be said they are only good for battle. The first generation had two codenames: GŌRIKI (tuned for power) and YAWARA (more technical).